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About Edisto Bookstore
Serving our local community,visitors and vacationers for over 20 years

About Emily Grace
The cat that resides at The Edisto Bookstore is named Emily Grace.

Emily Grace - the Edisto Bookstore cat

She is a rescue – from the front porch where she made her residence for about two days. At first, I was hopeful someone would be looking for her. But after a few days, I claimed her myself and marched her to my vet.
I returned her to the bookstore which has been her home for three years and she rules here.

Emily Grace plays with and loves children. However, she has a tolerance level. The behavior of the children determines her tolerance level. With utter dignity, she will walk from a noisy child and find a quiet adult to purr with.

Emily Grace - the Edisto Bookstore catShe insists you pet her when you enter and will chase you if you ignore her. She likes to be picked up as well. It is necessary to understand she is not in the category of most cats – she is not a "Feed me and leave me alone" cat. She loves people; loves to give and receive attention.

She has responsibilities at the store that she takes seriously. Customers have expectations of her to do her job..

Her primary duty is Official Greeter. Emily Grace waits at the door for customers and patiently stands in front of them until she is acknowledged .Most do greet her in return with a biEmily Grace - the Edisto Bookstore catg happy smile.

As Protector of the Internet Cafe, she assists the laptop users . She sometimes walks across keyboards to welcome customers into her exclusive club. It is not true that she has written some fine verse.

Her responsibilities can be exhausting., so occasionally Emily Grace naps on laptop cases – the cases are tremendously comfortable. And she also appreciates the opportunity to leave cat hair and scent for other felines to diagnose upon the return home of their master;Emily Grace - the Edisto Bookstore cat

She also can be found perched next to the router. This provides her the opportunity to observe all desktop users at one time. This also is tiring, so understandably she often dozes off. Although she studies the computer screens, has not been known to read confidential information from anyone's computer screen.

Edisto Bookstore
Come on in and meet new and old friends.

  • Founded in 1989, The Edisto Bookstore is a locally owned, independent bookstore.
  • Along with best selling, regional and used books, the store includes a large selection of greeting cards, small gifts and vacation entertainment.
  • The bookstore is a source for nautical charts on the island and also provided topographic maps and other local maps.
  • An excellent children’s room provides new and used books for the very young through young adult age readers.
  • The bookstore sponsors events, book signings and a local book club for islanders, seasonal residents and visitors to the island.



— Southern Independent Booksellers Association
— S. C. Historical Society
— Charleston Preservation Society
— Edisto Chamber of Commerce
— Edisto Island Museum